Epic Expats

To be an expatriate is a unique condition. As a former citizen of a country that had permanent effects on developing you into the person you are, it’s a hard situation for others to fully understand— unless they are expatriates too.

The fact is, if you’re ‘ex-Epic,’ you are an expatriate and a member of a continually growing community of comrades who’ve been there, done that, and understand every aspect of the love/hate, emotional/intellectual challenge that is Epic.

What’s the difference between a colleague and a comrade?
The intensity of the endeavor in which you were engaged.

If you’ve truly ‘been there, done that’ and survived to fight another day, you share a bond with every other person who’s successfully done the same. And so it is with Epic’s expats.

This community, and Carex’s deep understanding of it, is a massive competitive advantage. Add to that the company’s geographic proximity to the Epic mothership, and you can see how Carex adds serious value to any company seeking the top-tier talent cycling out of this recognized leader in the field of Electronic Health Records.

Immediate access to the Epic expatriate community of candidates is one half of Carex’s prime value, but it is Carex’s native understanding of both the company and its graduate employees that defines Carex’s unique position in the marketplace. Why choose Carex for its services? That’s why.

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